Lion DAO is a Social Club.
An invitation to collectively
create the story of the
Elevated Degens.

A three-tiered series of NFT collections, Lion DAO represents the intersection of technology and consciousness. Lion DAO is a home for the Elevated Degens, the Web3 OGs who can’t stop, won’t stop seeing all the ways innovation can change the world for good. They are leading the charge, breaking boundaries, and paving the way for others to follow.

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Q4 - Lion DAO Call to Adventure. Channeling and development of the Mythos. Dedicated discord space within Highvibe Network.


Q1 - Legend, Hero & our Generative NFT collection launches. Early whitelist access to future partner projects across Highvibe Network.

Q1 - Immutable access to 'Degen Lounge' & Lion DAO's Kingdom in the Sandbox (land already in active development). Ignition of global Elevated Degen culture and spaces.

Q2 - Lion DAO $LDAO governance token drop. Treasury Investment discussion group established in discord along with snapshot (to steward capital on behalf of the DAO).

Q3/4 - Physical spaces, festival partnerships, and IRL Meetups. The people involved are priceless, lifelong connections.

2023 & beyond...

We are now a global powerhouse supporting each others missions, sharing alpha, and loving our planet. Highvibe Ecosystem drops, special access, and more to be revealed...