The ancient art of storytelling is needed now, more than ever before, to craft an empowering narrative. A call to adventure for the benevolent leaders of this present moment. Cultivating decentralized IP with community owned characters in an evolving interoperable storyworld.
We are united by our “5 Guiding Principles” and our immutable pass into Lion DAO.
5 Guiding Principles:

We are guardians of our planet, the environment, and the sacred traditions.

We are aligned with the cultural singularity of benevolent technology and consciousness.

We are here to exponentially grow and expand as a tribe.

We are united in the safeguarding of digital freedom, expression, and sovereignty.

We support the sustained right to personal privacy and decentralization.

Elevated Degens

Leading the charge, breaking boundaries, and paving the way for others to follow.

We are optimistic yet pragmatic.

We desire to play the game with an edge.

We are elevated with a greater mission in mind, beyond purely extracting from people and markets.

We are degens: we can’t stop, won't stop supporting this planet and doing good in the world.

Through our philosophy and our actions we strive for the collective.

Lion DAO is powered by Highvibe Network, here to raise consciousness by providing elevating experiences and interactive digital storyworlds in the metaverse, and IRL.

See the people behind Lion DAO & Highvibe Network here.

Lead artist
Fernando Chamarelli is a visual artist and illustrator who aims to unite time and space through his work. His pieces bring together elements from different cultures while merging past, present and future.

His work also unites space, and in each piece the interactions between the microcosm and the macrocosm can be seen. Fernando’s work shows us that everything is connected and that for us to evolve we must realize our connection with other humans, animals, nature and the cosmos.